5 Star Salon

Salon Assessment


Every Good Salon Guide recognised salon is assessed against a set of criteria that has been developed with the general public, industry and trade bodies.

The criteria are constantly under review, so if you've got a suggestion as to something we should add, please let us know here.

Salon assessments are carried out by our team of highly-trained professionals and recognition is awarded at Registered, Three Star, Four Star and Five Star levels.
More information on what the ratings mean.

After the first inspection, salons are formally reassessed through an annual visit from the assessor to ensure standards are being maintained.  A dated window sticker and certificate can then be displayed in the salon.

In addition to this, salons are subject to 'Mystery Client' visits and client feedback.
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What the Ratings Mean


Every Good Salon Guide recognised salon is assessed using criteria that have been developed since 1991 following ongoing consultation with the general public and hairdressing industry.

Each of the four possible awards — Registered (R), 3, 4 or 5 Star — is based on training and qualifications so that when you visit a Good Salon Guide recognised salon, you can be assured that the stylists or beauty therapists are qualified and/or suitably experienced, giving you confidence in the service they are performing.


The ratings:


. Registered - Quality hairdressing at affordable prices


· 3 Stars *** Up-to-the-minute techniques, value-for-money hairdressing


· 4 Stars  **** High standard with the latest techniques, excellent value


· 5 Stars  *****  Top-of-the-range salon with highly-qualified staff and personalised service